Harry potter 20th anniversary reunion

After 2011 when Harry potter and the deathly hollows movie, almost whole cast is coming back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of harry potter movie franchise. It is hard to believe that it’s been 20 year since first movie Harry potter and the sorceress stone came out. 

It is been called Harry potter return to Hogwarts.

These images were release few days back which made fan goes excited and hyped. The set looks like Gryffindor corridor. Seem like all the cast member will be together after the long time of 10 years. It is coming out at the start of new year 2022. 

I personally love harry potter movie franchise, I am a huge fan and i really can’t wait for it. I grew up watching these movies and I loved every character and I can’t wait to see them together and bring back all the memories.  

What you guys think about it. let me know in comment section.

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