Tenet (2020)

Christopher Nolan wrote and directed a new science fiction action thriller movie called Tenet. Christopher is known for directing unique and amazing stories which people loves. He is one of the best director in Hollywood and people die to work with him. He is known for his amazing movies like Inception, The Batman Trilogy, Interstellar, Dunkirk and many more. Now he is back with another amazing and totally different and unique science fiction movie. People are waiting for this movie to release but due to current situation of the world movie due to COVID-19  it might get delayed like many others although it hasn’t yet. If situation got better is will release on its official date.

Tenet- Trailer 2

The new trailer drop of Tenet and  like always Christopher Nolan knows what to show to audience in trailer where he can get our full attention with no spoiler or having idea what is going on. 

The little idea i get from the trailer was that to get in to the future after the incident have happened and then time will go reverse and they got to prevent that thing from happening. I, myself am confuse what i am saying but i am loving it and can’t wait to see this movie. 

tenet- officail trailer

Tenet first trailer got release it it look much complicated to me. The trailer look awesome and suspenseful, look like time can move backward or i think they can see future. Altogether it look really awesome and something new.      

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