Assassin's creed VAlhalla

Assassin’s creed is upcoming action game developed by Ubisoft. Another installment is added to assassin creed franchise. The game will be available for Xbox. PS4, PS5, Xbox series X and PC. Its is coming out in Holidays 202 although the exact dates are yet to announce

The world premiere of Cinematic trailer of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was on 30th April 2020. Many people didn’t knew about it as it drop out from nowhere. But this cinematic trailer did really great job. The visual graphics of this trailer are awesome. I was totally shocked and hyped for this game after watching this trailer. Now i and most people are hoping is that gameplay should be also exactly the same as many people were not quite happy from some of the previous game from this franchise.

But still it’s really a good surprise for people in this quarantine period.  

Ubisoft drop there first look gameplay of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It looked really good but it was not what mostly everyone expected. This actually does not look like a playing game trailer. Although it is game-play scene trailer, i hope you understand what i’m trying to say. But people were actually hoping to see some actual gameplay action or at least some small peak of fighting sequence, other than this the trailer look really good and we cannot wait for actual gameplay trailer

The most amazing thing about this game is the time zone, “the Viking Age”. The location and designing look pretty attractive. People are still hyped for the game. 

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